Wednesday, 9 March 2016

'Seven Sins' : A Collection of Poems (Lust)

The third one in the series. Enjoy :)


have passed-
since that day
under the fig
tree. Our promises
were countless, your eyes had
shone with the inferno of
my heart. Standing on your tiptoes,
you bit my nose languidly, and smirked.
In that intoxicated clarity,
we both knew it would not last forever.
You were gone next morning, a letter
waited on my table, your hand-
writing asking forgiveness.
Life has moved on, grey hair,
mortgage, two sons- but
how could I

Copyright © 2016, Tamal Kundu

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

'Seven Sins' : A Collection of Poems (Wrath)

Here is the second one in the series:


The question was often asked,
With a lopsided grin and the most hideous twinkle in the eye.
My answer was always the same,
Full of malice and dislike, a jaded and tacit 'Fuck you.'

The observation was rarely made,
With a twisted snarl and the most pure loathing in the eye.
My rebuttal was always the same,
Full of indignation and protest, a broken and loud 'Fuck you.'

I walk on embers long dead, my feet burn like the ashes of my forefathers.
I persevere, it is the only thing left to do.

Copyright © 2016, Tamal Kundu

Sunday, 6 March 2016

'Seven Sins' : A Collection of Poems (Sloth)

I've decided to do a short series of poems with the indicative name 'Seven Sins' as the title. Yes, there'll be seven poems in the series, and yes, the poems will reflect on one sin each.

Here is the first one:


Insipid dreams,
I dreamt. A pervasive sort of thing.
Caught in the destitution,
I wailed for tomorrow.

I am made and unmade
In the depth of my eyes.
My own shadow knows me not,
Not as much my intellect wishes.

I have long foregone understanding.
My soul, rolls off to the sunset.

Copyright © 2016, Tamal Kundu