Sunday, 3 April 2016

'Seven Sins' : A Collection of Poems (Greed)

Here it is, the fourth one in the series. Took a while to get this out. It was interesting to confront this particular vice on a personal level, as I have never felt driven by it as strongly as the other ones. But it was there, underneath a lot of denials and other things, and in time it showed itself to me.  Enjoy, share, leave feedback if you wish. :)


I can't deny the allure of stability.
A red-brick house with a front porch and wooden pickets,
A mango tree with summer-drooping branches,
A spice garden in pitchers and pots.
The long corridor that runs to the living room,
The stairs lead up to the worldly roof.
Chiming winds curl the curtains on the windows,
Darkness recede from south to north.
Your steps echo in the rhythm of the rain.
I exist drenched in your scent,
With Tagore on my lips.

What a life would it be!
You, me and eternity.

I want it all and I want the road,
Sunsets, gasoline and upcoming bends.
My greed never has known bounds,
My hubris to get to you and get away.

Copyright © 2016, Tamal Kundu