Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Holy Batman: It's Diana, princess of Themyscira!

One of the many fantabulous things that came out of this year’s SDCC, perhaps the most eagerly anticipated was the first look at Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice. While there had been no official word if they would showcase anything, the expectation had been indeed high. As the platform was appropriate  and it is the same that Snyder had used last year to shout out to the world of what he was venturing out to do. So this time he walked into the stage in his usual gait radiating confidence and no slight amount of arrogance, and within moments the man had the crowd well wrapped around his finger. What followed didn't disappoint.
No matter what his critics say about Snyder, there is an unanimous conclusion, generally, that his movies look damn good. Within minutes we were teased with a fraction of video featuring both Bruce and Clark, locking glowing eyes, surrounded by the Bat-Signal, Gotham at night and an ominous cloud formation. Now, it might be a part of the movie itself, or simply something they put together to show to the audience at the comic con, and keep the interest at sky high. Doesn’t particularly matter, either way, really. Because that less than a minute teaser have us now by hook, line and sinker. It is everything that these kinds of promos supposed to be. Short and sweet and promising.
Then the big reveal came and wallah, lo and behold, we had our first look at Wonder Woman.
My first reaction was probably along the lines of most fans out there, which is, ‘Meh, too drab!’  But just about the color schemes mind you, about the rest, I was in profound awe. But then I learned it was filtered brown like every other promotional pictures Snyder has published over the years. The real image without filtering looks like this:
In coming weeks, months, there will be a lot of discussion,  a lot of argument, for and against this version of the princess of Themyscira. Personally I love everything about the costume; from the dark blue skirt, to the engraved sword, from the down-reaching tiara to the beaten bronze armor. I love the complete lack of American flag motif. She is just not an American heroine anymore, rather she has become an inspiration to the entire world. Heck, I even love the wedges and that she is having a not too great hair day.
And I love, love, LOVE, the person wearing it.
There is a surreal peacefulness about the way Gadot is beautiful. There is not a singular trace of harshness in her feature. As if it is, and she is, completely untouched by the absurdities of the real world. Perhaps it is that innocence which led Snyder to cast her to begin with. Diana, beyond being a warrior princess, and a superheroine, is a woman of duality. And many of those traits resonate from Diana’s ethereal appearance.
So here we are, we have our trinity and 2016 can’t come soon enough.

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